Is it More Fun in Switzerland or in the Philippines?

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1951 Switzerland Tourism Ad
(Screenshots from
2011 Philippines Tourism Ad (

Here's what our DOT secretary has to say, from his Twitter account ():

No one can own the expression "it's more fun" but it's very true for the Philippines so it becomes ours.

"FUN" is a fusion of place and people. A place is not fun if there is no fun people in it.

This Switzerland coincidence only makes our line truer. Sun Tanning IS more fun in the Philippines.

The line isn't a manufactured slogan. It's simply the truth about our country. Don't be swayed by people who are trying to punch holes in it.

If you look hard enough, you might even find an old ad that says "it's more fun in Alcatraz!"

Tourism is successful in Thailand because their positive voice is louder than their negative voice.

Your take?


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