Watch Miss Internation 2011 Live from China!

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The 2011 Miss International will not be shown on international TV channels. It will only be aired on a local TV channel in China. However, you can still watch the pageant via free live streaming through these links:

Watch the pageant live this Sunday, November 6th, 2011.
Important:  A plugin is needed to play the stream. On the page’s screen, there is the link to download and install the CDTV plugin. (it’s an EXE file).  Please note that this plugin is 100% compatible with Internet Explorer. However, it might not work with Firefox or Safari.
Chengdu, China: 8:00 pm
Manila, Philippines: 8:00 pm
Los Angeles, USA: 4:00 am
New York, USA: 7:00 am
Caracas, Venezuela: 7:30 am
London, UK: 12:00 pm
Johannesburg, South Africa: 2:00 pm

Since the pageant is once again being staged in China, fans are expecting the following to place in the finals, if not bring home the crown: 

1. Miss China
2. Miss Venezuela
3. Miss Vietnam
4. Miss Puerto Rico
5. Miss Korea
6. Miss Colombia
7. Miss Indonesia
8. Miss Ecuador
9. Miss Trinidad/Tobago
10. Miss Sweden
11. Miss Philippines
12. Miss Spain


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