The Jejemon Fever: Are you a Jejemon?

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What is a Jejemon? err, Who is a Jejemon?!?

According to, JEJEMONS are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. JEJEMONS are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the grammar nazi to eradicate their grammatical ways.
: Who uses the Jejemon language anyway? Let’s call them, the Clans, or as the Jejemons would probably spell it, cLaNzZ. In Warcraft lingo, groups that operate like “Alliance” or “Horde.”

The Jejemons find their place in their world by finding a clan, or a regular group of people they text and talk with in Jejenese. Regardless of whether they know each other or not, they will talk to other members of these clans and even meet up with them in Jejelands (frequent hang-outs).

If these clans can be considered, as Bonifacio P. Sibayan, whose work was published in the website of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts puts it, as Sub-domains of a Controlling Domain of language, then the continued use of Jejemonized-Tagalog, such as: “iNgAtz puh” and “xeNXia Nah” can contribute to the process of Filipino intellectualization. But then again, an intellectualized language is that language that can be used for giving and obtaining a complete education in any field of knowledge from pre-school to the university and beyond.

If Jejenese is used as the medium of instruction in public schools, imagine how would the first line of our National Anthem be spelled in Jejenese: “bAiAn9 mA9ieLiWh pUrlAsh n9 xIlan9aNaN …” or Jose Rizal’s last work: “mEih UltIMoiX aDioSxH.” Fortunately, this is an extreme scenario. That’s why others take the more mortifying definition of Jejemon given by UrbanDictioary.Com: “Low IQ people who spread around their idiocy on the web.”

But Jejemons, too, have constitutional right to free speech and expression that we may run afoul if we prevent them from speaking and writing the way they do or as annoyed Internet users propose—ban them from the web. All we can do is to make a matinding pakiusap (strong appeal) to all Jejemons, as language can only be intellectualized by using it, mangyaring gamitin nyo nang tama ang wika (please use the language properly).


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