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Now you can start making thousand of pesos everyday with just a few clicks in less than 3 minutes of work. Sounds impossible? Just give a try, after all you have nothing to loose. Our system is guaranteed 100% tested and proven, and it really works.

How to start?

The basics of the system are very easy. Every registered user have a own Referral Weblink(shown at "How to Start" section), when users register through this Referral Link then you got a Referred User in your Statistics. Every time your Users buy a Deal on Clever Buy you get a high Provision!
1. We pay you for every free user you refer to CleverBuy 1 Peso, even if he is not buy anything.
2. We pay you 40% of the Deal income if your referred user buy a deal (Level 1)
3. We pay you 10% for every user which was referred from your referrals and bought a Deal Level 2)
You get from all purchases of your users the full Provision every time for a period of 6 month.

How to earn money through Facebook?
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Post our daily deals on your Facebook account and inviting your friends to be a part of CleverBuy using your Unique Referral Web Link. For example you have 500 friends and 100 of them joined CleverBuy through your Unique Referral Web Link for a free account, you will have 100 pesos for your provision. Among your 100 referred friends, 25 of them purchase at CleverBuy for 1,000 pesos in a month. An average of 25% we get from our partner establishments, from this 25% you will get 40% provision that will be added to your account. CLICK HERE and get started!



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