Nicole Scherzinger: The X Factor Villain?

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So it was down to Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty (again? is Marcus not feeling the fact that America will not vote for him as this year's winner?) last night. They both sang for their life. L.A. Reid of course voted for Marcus. Simon of course saved Rachel. Paula, who was in tears all throughout saved Rachel too!

Screen grab from last night's X Factor episode

And so, here comes Nicole. All she needs to do is pick Rachel and Marcus will go home. No one will complain. But she chose Rachel so it resulted to a deadlock. The one who got the lowest vote was eliminated, and that was Rachel Crow.

Fans booed Nicole and overnight, she became the biggest villain of X Factor this season, surpassing the hate towards Astro and host Steve Jones! Everyone's blaming her for last night's results and did we just hear that she regrets making that decision? It's too late.

But again, this boils down to the public NOT voting for who they think should be saved. At the end of the day, Nicole is not to blame because she just let the public decide. And their decision is to send home Rachel, duh!


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