Showtime Season 4 Grand Finals: Who's Your Bet?

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Bailes De Luces

The grand finals of Showtime Season 4 is to be held tomorrow, December 10, 2011 at the Ynares Sports Center, Antipolo City. Here's the complete list of finalists:

1. Kanlumon Performing Ensemble
2. Neutron Acrobats
3. D'Shots
4. Kingz Gambit
5. FMD Extreme
6. Astig Pinoy
7. Spy
8. Pinoy HipHop
9. Racing Chat
10. Bailes De Luces
11. Buli Kidz Incredible
12. Teatro Ambahanon
13. Prime Machine
14. UDC

Based from their previous performances, we are rooting for these groups:

Strong group: Bailes De Luces, FMD Extreme, Astig Pinoy
Our sentimental favorite:
Who we think will win:
Bailes De Luces

Who do you think should win tomorrow?


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