Mommy D. VS Gays

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After lashing out on Senator Miriam Defensor, Mommy Dionesia once again made headlines after her remarks against gays who are taking pills!

As per Mommy D. "Tingnan mo, mga bakla, kaiinom ng pills, hindi na bagay inumin ng mga bakla kasi lalake sila. Ginagawa sila ng Diyos na lalake. Umiinom talaga sila ng pills para magsilaki ang dede. Bawal 'yan (Look, it's not right for gays to take pills because they're male. God made them male. They drink pills to make their breasts grow. That's not allowed)!"

Isn't she funny?

Goya Candelario, spokesperson of ProGay said during an interview by ABS-CBN that they are deeply offended by Mommy D.'s words.

Indeed, Mommy D.'s thoughts and opinions matter! She is such an icon now, do you agree?


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