Dean I. Chang, the American Embassy’s second secretary Curses Young Filipina

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Dean I. Chang, the American Embassy’s second secretary, cursed Princess Cordova, 22, after he got out of his Toyota Forerunner car with a Korean-looking woman, apparently his wife.

“You’re a bitch, you’re a bitch!,” Chang was heard shouting at the shocked Cordova who was crossing the driveway of a Korean restaurant on Jupiter Street, Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City.

Chang and his wife were apparently in such a hurry to get into Kaya Restaurant and nearly ran over Cordova, who was also entering the same restaurant with a female friend.When Cordova told her uncle, Dindo Danao, an advertising executive, about the incident outside with Chang, Danao told her to go to Chang’s table to apologize.

Danao, who was waiting for Cordova inside the restaurant, told his niece she was probably at fault and that’s why the man was angry. Even if she knew she was not, Cordova nevertheless obeyed Danao and went to Chang to apologize. She got another mouthful from a man who’s supposed to act like a gentleman since he’s a diplomat.

“Next time I’ll run you over if you get in my way,” Chang shouted at Cordova. When Danao protested the shabby treatment his niece got from the Korean-American, Chang reportedly challenged him to a fight. “You wanna square off with me?” Chang said.

Danao called the police. Chang was arrogant with responding policemen. He wouldn’t show his ID, but gave his name and his position at the US Embassy. Chang’s identity was confirmed when the head of the responding team, Insp. Rico Ramos, checked with the US Embassy through the numbers Chang gave him. - Continue reading "The Ugly American" by Ramon Tulfo on

On Twitter, the U.S. Embassy in Manila (@usembassymanila) announced, "This incident was resolved last Fri, Jan 6. It is unfortunate that media reports have been neither accurate nor kind. We work every day to build our friendship with the Philippines."


Anonymous said...

This incident only bolstered suspicion about the racial discrimination suffered by Filipino women in their own country. It can be recalled that US Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. made a controversial statement last year that 40 percent of male tourists visiting the Philippines do so for sex tourism.

Ambassador Thomas, who made his comment during a human trafficking forum, caught the ire of some Filipino politicians who felt offended by an unsubstantiated statement about Filipino women.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Del Rosario later claimed that he received a text message from Ambassador Thomas who expressed regret over his statement that should not have been made without supporting data.

Anonymous said...

The American ambassador must have based his "unpopular" statement on sex tourism from the perception of the staff surrounding him in the US embassy such as Dean Chang, who obviously looked at Filipino women with disdain.

Anonymous said...

This guy should be reprimanded and be held accountable for his action. What an ugly american, bad mouthing a woman of the host country. Since Harry Thomas has the ultimate responsibility of everything that happens during his watch, he needed to address this by releasing a formal apology letter or personal phone call (NOT a freakin' tweet) from himself and not from the "mailroom" staff who's ignorant enough to cause this problem (I say transfer this loser to Diego Garcia). Mr Ambassador ball's in your court.

Anonymous said...

can somebody post this guy's photo? we'll take it from there.

Anonymous said...

Unbecoming of a diplomat and I might say an officer LTC or Col Chang, West Point 1984

Anonymous said...

Their arrogance (Chang & Harry) will be the undoing of America.

Anonymous said...

Chang is easy to spot, medium built, (looks like a younger Alfredo Lim) salt and pepper haired, wears white-rimmed glasses, looks more chinese than korean. Speaks fluent american slang, ( no korean accent) frequents korean restaurants and 5-star hotel restaurants. I doubt he still use the vehicle with 097 Diplomatic plate. Lives in Bel-air, Makati. Go figure his route to work.

Anonymous said...

Harry Thomas obviously is a loser, so is Chang, and so are all their diplomatic staff, to include Tina Malone. Their conspiracy to make-up this issue as "resolved" will only do them more harm. "Retirees" who have nothing else to do probably has started casing restaurants at night, or watching vehicles getting out of the embassy...hunting for diplomatic targets of opportunity.

Anonymous said...

"can somebody post this guy's photo? we'll take it from there."

"Go figure his route to work."

what are you people trying to say? that you are going to take matters in to your own hands and let justice be served? let's be realistic here. it was a simple verbal altercation that quickly escalated. while the diplomat was truly out of line with what he said to the woman, maybe she quickly ran in front of him while he was trying to park and he almost hit her because she was just too impatient to wait. you know how everyone does it here, holding your hand up to stop cars while you walk in to oncoming traffic. that is not too smart, you know. yes, he was not becoming of a diplomat (or a decent person at all), but don't go after people for retaliation. come on people!

Anonymous said...

"Humihingi ng public apology ang isang estudyante mula sa isang diplomat ng US Embassy sa Pilipinas na nambastos umano sa kanya sa isang restaurant sa Jupiter Street, Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City noong Enero 6.

Naghain na ng kanyang grievance letter sa Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) si Princess Cordova kasama ang kanyang mga testigo nang mangyari ang pambabastos at pagpapahiya umano sa kanya ni Dean Chang, second secretary ng US Embassy sa Pilipinas.

Kabilang sa kahilingan ni Cordova sa DFA ang maimbestigahan ang insidente at mag-public apology si Chang.

Hiling din niya ang isang 'letter of assurance' mula sa US Embassy na hindi sila babalikan o iipitin matapos na magreklamo.

Tiniyak naman ni DFA Spokesman Raul Hernandez kay Cordova na aaksyunan nila agad ang inihain nitong reklamo." - Report from Dexter Ganibe, Radyo Patrol

Anonymous said...

The apology that never was

Here's a US Embassy statement on the inident in Makati City
more than two weeks ago where an American diplomat, Dean I. Chang, cursed a young woman after the car he was driving nearly bumped her:

"Ambassador Harry Thomas met today (Jan.24) with a woman who had complained about the comportment of a US diplomat.

"During the meeting, the Ambassador and the diplomat directly involved apologized for the incident.

"The Ambassador emphasized that he expects all US Embassy staff to treat others with courtesy and consideration at all times."

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