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  • Apartment for rent in Quezon City
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    you are looking for a place to rent, you could actually Google every single listing there is online. The best site to visit when scouting for a new place are the following:

    Buy and Sell Philippines
    - This is updated weekly. Instead of buying the Php35.00 papers, you can just check their listings in just a few clicks. The good thing about Buy and Sell is that they're posting the same adds that they print on their paper, so these ads are new and updated.

    Move in the City
    Unlike Buy and Sell, Move in the City's lists are posts from different users. Some of them, posted a few years ago so you may find yourself calling a number that no longer exist.

    olx.com.ph and sulit.com.ph
    These sites are almost the same. They are also similar to Move in the City. The difference is, these two provide unorganized lists. They'll confuse you with their countless ads. Not very user friendly.

    A moveinthecity copy cat. This site is just new. I still prefer using the first two above.
    Add to this list: Facebook, Twitter, PinoyExchange.com, anything we missed?


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