Iya Villania Nanay Na?!?

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Iya Villania denies giving birth

MANILA, Philippines - Actress-host Iya Villania, who is dating television host Drew Arellano, has laughed off a rumor that she gave birth to her first child.

A photo of Villania carrying a newborn child has been posted in other entertainment sites and various blogs. Arellano was also seen in the picture.

In her interview with "The Buzz," Villania clarified that the baby in the photo is not hers, but the child of her boyfriend's best friend. She also denied that she is hiding the baby.

"Paano ko naman maitatago ‘yon? Pregnancy takes whole 9 months and a few months to get in shape. So, imposibleng may anak ako. ‘Yong baby, that's actually the newborn baby of one of Drew's best friends," Villania said.

Villania added: "May hilig din kasi ako sa mga babies because my sister just gave birth back in Australia. So, before I left Australia ako ang tagapag-padede, ako ang tagapagpa-burp at change ng nappies. So, na-enjoy ko ang moment na yan with Drew's best friend's baby.”

Villania said she also dreams of having her own baby in the future.

"Definitely in the future. Every woman would love to be a mother," she said. - Source


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