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Rhian Ramos, nagpa-abort?
That's the question from those who are following DJ Mo's relentless tweets. DJ Mo is obviously still hasn't moved on from his break-up with Rhian Ramos. He's devastated and he's turning on to Twitter, spilling all the beans, things that may destroy her ex-girlfriend. Here are his recent intriguing tweets:

Mo Twister
I will not protect you anymore.

Mo Twister
you destroy the defenseless because fear is destroying your heart.

Mo Twister
a pretty face doesnt mean a pretty heart.

Mo Twister
I haven't gone to Mass since I lost faith in it that day. today, I think I'm gonna church, simplified, to say sorry for the gravest of sins.

Mo Twister
guy says don't be bitter bout the overlap. She says sorry don't be bitter too. Bitter? Tell that to the young souls killed for convenience.

Mo Twister
young child, dont ever think you were never good enough. you just had no choice in the matter.

Mo Twister
I think its time to tell the truth about a lot of things.

What exactly is DJ Mo trying to imply? Rhian had an abortion - that's just an speculation. But going back to Mo, should he be telling all these in public just to seek, err... revenge?


Anonymous said...

maybe He's doing this for revenge because of what Rhian did.. i think He's telling the truth the bad part is it ruin Rhian's reputation. you can't blame Mo.. it is hard for a father to be to lose His baby.. for a DAMN REASON.. "REPUTATION"

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