RJ Rosales' Untimely Death

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RJ Rosales, a former ABS-CBN talent, passed away in Sydney yesterday morning. His family requested the public to respect their privacy and have not released details about his death yet.
RJ Rosales' Twitter profile pic.
His name is currently one of the trending topics on Twitter, with fans extending their condolences to his family and posting videos of his memorable performances when he was in the Philippines. Reasons about his death ranging from heart attack to suicide are being mentioned but are all unconfirmed. 

RJ use to perform in ASAP back in the 90's. He was also one of the cast of Miss Saigon in 1996. Recently, he has been performing in musicals at the Esplanade theater in Singapore.

Here's a video of his duet with Carol Banawa:

May you rest in peace, RJ.


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