Nicole Lynn, Miss Earth USA 2011 is Trending on Twitter

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Fortunately, the news did not explode while the Miss Earth girls, especially Miss USA, were still in Manila. Nicole Lynn would have experienced the wrath from the very nationalistic Filipinos. (Imagine Miss USA getting mocked everywhere she goes in the Philippines, and leaving the competition early...)

We all know now that no one really noticed her "Facebook comments" while the pageant was being held in Manila, except for the fans who were following the pageant (and who first saw the screenshot of her Facebook account). The organizers handled it well and it was never reported on TV.

But we did report about her unpleasant remarks against the Philippines in our site (CLICK HERE to view the original post) on November 19, coupled with a video of her explanation on how it happened.

Early this week, someone posted a link of our post on Facebook and now, everyone was talking about it. It is currently one of the trending topics on Twitter. Look:
Local celebrities cannot help but make a comment too:

: "This is not nice! It is so unbecoming of a Ms. USA and Ms. Earth candidate! SHAME ON YOU! Nicole Lynn!"

"reminds me of claire danes"

: "This issue on Miss Earth USA 2011 has been addressed last month, Nov. 18 to be exact."

To those who were questioning if that was really her Facebook account, the answer is yes. Nicole admitted that she is the owner of the said Facebook account but it was allegedly hacked. The petite beauty queen claimed that it was the hacker who posted those remarks on her wall. CLICK HERE to watch Nicole's statement about the issue.


Reyn Adonay said...
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Anonymous said...


Ms. USA is different from Ms. EARTH-USA, nicole lynn is the Ms. Earth-USA and the one with Shamcey is Ms. USA.

Anonymous said...

I was actually surprised that alot of people attacked her because of what she said, but people, why don't we just admit that some of what she said is somewhat true. I am a Filipino, and I won't ever forget that, I grew up in the Philippines half of my life, and all I remember, at least in Manila, is dirty, traffic jam, pollution, squatters, kids running around in the middle of the traffic, people drinking on the sidewalk early in the morning, hell, I also see alot of women playing "sugal". And no, I didn't live in a ghetto area, it's what I noticed when we passed by.
I lived in Canada, and population here consist of 50 percent Chinese, 45 percent of Filipino, and 5 percent of Caucasian. But I actually agree on her, people who speak in their own native language in front of others is just plain RUDE. Why? if you're in her shoe, would you like to be in front of people who are talking but you don't understand them? what if they're talking about you already and you still kept smiling cause you just don't understand them? I don't wanna say, that all Filipinos are kinda ignorant in those thing, but it's impolite. And honestly people, here in Canada, alot of Filipinos, talk so loud in their language, that they don't give a sh*t about others, I know that people are entitled to the freedom of speech,expression, however, we're not that stupid to not give respect to others that are in the same room with you. Philippines has a lot to offer, it's been one of the most popular country that attract tourist because of it's beauty, but it's sad, that the Filipinos, destruct the beauty itself, and has the balls to rant about someone being racist, but you know what, I noticed, that most Filipinos are racist, they start judging others without knowing them. Ask yourself, didn't you do that? cause I have, and you could all hate me, but it's true, I actually hate some Filipinos here, I don't speak Tagalog, but I understand them clearly, and when my mom brings me to a Filipino restaurant, all they do is gossip about some people, either Filipino or Caucasian, and then they'll look at you, that you're some stupid person, for not speaking Tagalog. We need to start working on how to glorified our beloved country, and not by ranting and cyber bullying someone that just had her opinion about the country and the people in it.

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