Mistaken identity: Miss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella is not the Miss Earth-USA who visited the Philippines

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Oops! Careful Tweeting Pinoys, Miss USA is different from Miss Earth-USA. Miss Earth-USA is the one whose Facebook account was allegedly hacked. Miss USA is the stunning lady we saw with Shamcey Supsup at the Miss Universe stage this year.
Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011

So, stop attacking Mr. Trump's girl on Twitter. Again, the gorgeous Alyssa Campanella is Miss USA, NOT Miss Earth-USA!

Here are Alyssa's tweets defending herself (newest to oldest):

: Again, I am not the Miss USA who insulted the Philippines on social media. Some of my dearest fans reside there. I would never insult them.

: Clarifying that I am not the Miss USA who insulted the Philippines on Facebook. It is unfortunate anyone would insult a country so welcoming

: it is not true. If you look at the link, it says Miss EARTH USA. I am simply just Miss USA. :-) I would never insult the Philippines.

: it is unfortunate someone would take to a public social site and insult where they have been openly invited. 

: I have always expressed an interest in visiting the Philippines, especially since some of my dearest fans reside there

: no, I have never insulted Philippines and have no reason to.


Reyn Adonay said...

Alyssa Campanella has a million times more beauty than Nicole Lynn. That's it! :D

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