The K+12 Basic Education Program

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"Grade 7, here we come!!!" - 2011 Grade 6 pupils.

Yes, the Department of Education (DepEd) will start with the K+12 program next school year (2012-2013) and this year's grade 6 pupils will be moving to Grade 7! Sounds very U.S. of A. huh?

The K+12 program consists of the following:

Kindergraten: 1 year
Elementary (Grades 1-6): 6 years
Junior High School (Grades 7-10): 4 years
Senior High School (Grades 11-12): 2 years

Total: 13 years

Grade 7 will be the first year of Junior High School. Grade 11, on the other hand, is the first year of Senior High School.

So pupils, get use to the terms "junior high" and "senior high" (with a twang!).

This is a revision of the 10-year basic education program that the Philippines has been following since the days of our great grandparents. Did you know that the Philippines is one of the ONLY two countries in the world which are still following the 10-year basic education program up to this day? The other country is Myanmar.

Some bits of information from the official DepEd Twitter account (@DepEd_PH):

We support this new program from the Department of Education. It's about time that we join the world in following the same format. What do you think?


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