Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio on Twitter

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Yup, Rizal is tweeting from his cell...
You can follow his Twitter account @tweetnirizal

Here are some of his latest tweets before his execution tomorrow, December 30th:

- I told them, ' I am going to die with a tranquil conscience.'

- The priests played upon my emotions,appealed to my reason,and tried to terrify me when other methods failed.I STOOD FIRM.

- The Original case against me was a fabrication of lies and deceit by the Church and the Government.

- Nozaleda,Archbishop of Manila sent the Jesuits,six priests going in relays, usually two at a time to convince me to convert back as Catholic.

- I was told that all Manila was wild with excitement.Nobody talked about anything but the death sentence.My own death sentence.

- Let it be known that until the last moment I protested against the sentence as unjust.

Andres Bonifacio and Leonor Rivera are sending tweets for Jose Rizal as well:


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