Francine Prieto Twitter Scandal

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It started with a question from one of her Twitter followers:

: if the president asks u for a date, would u say yes?”

Francine replied:

"~nope. ayoko sa panot."

Tweeting fans who saw Francine's tweet, reacted and started calling her "laos", "bold star", "p****k". :: " nope. ayoko sa panot." - ayaw din naman ni Pnoy sa p**p*k ay!

: hindi porke't nagsimula akong sexy star ay p**p*k na ako yung mga artistang patweetums yun pa yung wild at malandi!

Although some followers came to her defense, a lot of them continued to bully her. Francine loses it and went wild:

Francine did not delete anything from her account and she even re-tweeted all tweets from both those who defended and bullied her. Check her out on Twitter ) to read more...


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