Tim Tebow to Build a Church in the Philippines?

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Tim Tebow, the famous football player and whose name has become a verb, was born in the Philippines. His parents are Christian missionaries who were based in the country. Tim has been visiting the Philippines several times since he was 15. In his recent interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET), he said he loves the Filipinos and he is actually planning to build a church, yes, in the Philippines!

To those who are still wondering who Tim Tebow is, here's why he has become famous:

Hence, the term "tebowing", the pose that immediately replaced planking. Watch:

Tim Tebow has also been called the miracle man, not only because of the "miracles" that he's pulling off on the football field but because of how he survived as a baby. His mother has suffered a life-threatening infection while she's pregnant and the doctors thought the baby would never live.

"Are you the best Filipino football player ever?"

The next time that Tim will visit the Philippines, he will surely be seeing a different scene at the airport as he is now a celebrity. God Bless you Tim!


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