Comments of David Beckham and LA Galaxy About the Philippines

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The LA Galaxy were excited and happy for the very warm welcome that they received from the Filipinos. Just barely four hours after arriving in the country yesterday afternoon, they had a press conference where they met some members of the Philippine Azkals and had a jersey swap. The conference lasted for about an hour.

Here are some of the highlights from the event, as documented by Natashya Gutierrez in her Twitter account ():

Beckham: We just want to say how proud we are to be here and to be part of this tour...Thank you for the welcome and the kindness so far.

Q: Expectations of game here. Beckham: I think yest was a very difficult game, we expect the game here to be exactly the same.

Beckham: We always try to play diplomatic football but that doesn't always happen. We want to win its as simple as that.

Coach Arena says game plan hasn't been determined but they will start a strong 11, will look to make changes, but don't know what yet

Beckham: We know every team we play against want to beat us. Its a friendly match but we always go into games wanting to win.

Donovan says the team has had a chance to get to know a Filipina staff member of LA Galaxy, is happy about the welcome of Twitter Pinoys.

Coach Arena advice to Azkals: Work hard, be proud to play in a natl team, have the support of your ppl and a lot of good things can happen.

Beckham says football has changed mentality of people for yrs, it happened in Europe and now in the Philippines it shows the sport has grown.

Beckham says he hasn't made a decision of what to do after the season, says he's been lucky to have been part of the best teams in the world.

Beckham says he will try to teach the kids tomorrow to 'bend it like Beckham,' wants children to have fun and to learn.

 Photo also from @natashya_g


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