Chicboy Scandal!

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You may have already seen these photos shared in your Facebook news feeds. They were allegedly taken at Chicboy, Timog branch on November 21, 2011, and was uploaded by the same customer who took the photos.
CLICK HERE to view all the photos and the customer's (very detailed) story

Here's the response from the management of Chicboy: 

"To all our Patrons, Franchisees and employees, thank you for your comment of support and advises to file a libel case against the writer. We will definitely file a Libel case. We just had to finish our complaint affidavit for filing with the fiscal office. We will definitely not take this sitting down." - Chicboy

Some say that filing a libel case against the customer will just backfire against them (Chicboy). Do you think that's the right thing for them to do? And do you believe the customer's photos and stories?


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