Put the Little Girl to Sleep

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The camp of the Philippines' ex-president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) has accused the current administration of the "Put the Little Girl to Sleep" plot. This is so funny, it has become (and still is) one of the trending topics on Twitter!


Here's the best tweet that we've seen so far, from none other then Miss Karen Davila:

: "Put The Little Girl To Sleep"...doesn't it sound like the title of a suspense thriller or horror movie?

Anyway, Pnoy dared the camp of the ex-president to prove the “Oplan: Put the Little Girl to Sleep". The president called it "fiction". Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda urges the GMA camp to stop lying to the public and that the so called "plot" is not working for GMA to gain public sympathy. In fact, people are making fun of it on Twitter. Read: 

: Hindi raw "Put the little girl to sleep" kundi..... "Put the little girl to veterans". 

: "Oplan: Put the Little Girl to Sleep" | Parang title ng B-movie. 'Yong tipong ang bida ay Jeric Raval, Roi Vinzon, or Raul Zaragoza.

: put the little girl to sleep... Ang papatay sa kc-piolo issue, hahaha!

: "Put The Little Girl To Sleep" - the boring sequel to the box office dud "Put The Little Girl In The Big Airplane" 

: Put the Little GIrl to Sleep. There's an appropriate bedtime story for that, which was read by Samuel Jackson.

: At may codename pa kayong "Put the Little Girl to Sleep". Ewan ko kung nagpapatawa kayo Elena Horn, but really and stupid ng kwento nyo.

All we could say is... LOL to that!


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