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The new Miss Earth will be crowned on Saturday. For now, here are the latest updates and, gossips!
  • The European girls are very strong this year. They are expected to dominate the Top 16.
  • During their ASAP (a noontime musical-variety show) guesting last Sunday, singer Gary V. obviously got turned off when one girl grabbed the microphone and started delivering her speech.
  • Miss Philippines is determined to follow the steps of Shamcey Supsup, Gwendoline Ruais and Diane  Necio.
  • One delegate noticed that Miss Philippines is a Charice dead-ringer.
  • Ricky Reyes' personal favorites are Miss Thailand, Miss Trinidad and Tobago and Miss Chile.
  • Miss Italy might win the Miss Friendship award. She also takes videos a lot and she's regularly posting them on YouTube. Check her YouTube channel HERE.
  • All girls seem to really get along well with each other.
  • During an event, a group of high-school students surrounded a pretty girl whom they thought was Miss Philippines-Earth. They took photos with her. It turns out that the girl is a runner up to the actual Miss Philippines-Earth
Now that the pageant night is nearing, Miss Venezuela retains her position as the top favorite for the crown. Her strongest competitors are Miss India, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Paraguay, Miss Sweden, Miss Mexico and Miss Colombia.

On the other hand, tonight is the National Costume Competition. Here are some photos:


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