Miss Universe 2011 Favorites!

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Less than two weeks from now, a new Miss Universe will be crowned. And that girl will surely come from the list of early favorites. Pageant fans from all over the world loved them even before the pageant started in Brazil. The locals adored them since the day they set foot in Sao Paulo. And the Miss Universe Organization has been picking them to speak in front of the press and special events - a sign that the organization wants them. The lucky girls who are currently the top picks for the crown are:

1. China

2. USA
3. Malaysia
4. Venezuela
5. Costa Rica
6. Netherlands
7. Bahamas
8. Philippines
9. Brazil
10. Angola
11. Australia
12. Peru
13. Aruba
14. Greece
15. Panama
16. Trinidad and Tobago
17. France
18. Nicaragua
19. Israel
20. Ukraine


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