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Creating a blog is easy if you have a gift at writing. If you are confident that you could talk about anything and everything under the sun and you could put that into writing, blogging would be as easy as 1-2-3. However, starting a blog is not always cookies and cream. There are certain rules that you may need to follow to be able to keep your readers interested - that's if you're targeting every netizen as an audience.

I am currently maintaining four blogs, including this. I don't consider myself a master at blogging, but I'm proud to say that my five-year experience in posting my simple notes online has earned me some good points and ideas to share. Here we go...

1. Think of a theme.

What would be the contents of your blog. Is it a personal blog? A photoblog perhaps? Or are you gonna be talking about celebrities ala Perez? You decide! The main key here is to blog about something that interests you. If you're a traveler, you could blog about the places that you have visited. If you're a mom or a dad, you could share your everyday experiences as a parent. If you're a gamer, you could rave about the latest online games, gadgets and even post your tips on how to win all those games.

2. Who is your target audience?

This is more than just knowing if the contents of your blog are OK for a minor to read. If you blog about cooking, your visitors are most probably house wives who are thinking about a new recipe to prepare for dinner. If you put up a political blog, expect critics, young and old, to frequent your site. And make sure that you could keep up to their demands! Know what you are talking about.

3. Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular blog sites that offer us free blogs. However, if you want to get your own domain ( instead of, there are lots of web hosting sites to choose from. You can find them through Google. Of course, they don't come for free but you can find a few web hosts who offer their services for $1.00 a month!

My tip? Start with Blogger or WordPress. No one is better than the other, it depends on which among these two actually attracts you more. Start from there. Then blog. Just keep on blogging. If you quit after a month, at least you didn't put a dime to the trash. If you decide to continue and get your own domain, you can simply import the contents of your blog to your new domain later. It's actually not as hard as it sounds.

4. What's your website?

Make sure that the name is catchy and easy to remember. You don't want your readers to type everyday. That's if they would actually want to do that. Keep it short and simple, and easy to remember!

Good luck and happy blogging to all!


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