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Kendra Wilkinson, former Playboy model and Hef girlfriend, can now add the “Kendra Exposed” torrent to her resume. “Kendra Exposed,” the torrent and legitimate copies alike, is turning into the most popular pornographic movie sold by Vivid Entertainment. Kendra Wilkinson, after trying to sue Vivid to prevent release of the video, is being well-compensated for the video she and a former boyfriend made when she was 18.

Kendra Exposed torrent | Kendra Wilkinson video released by Vivid

Kendra Exposed torrent from Vivid

On the Vivid website, the Kendra Exposed torrent and video are being offered a few days earlier than the original release date. The Kendra Exposed video has gotten quite a bit of attention since Kendra Wilkinson’s former boyfriend sold it to Vivid Entertainment for $100,000. Kendra originally sued Vivid to block the Kendra Exposed tape from being released. Vivid is saying that based only on pre-orders, Kendra Exposed will have higher sales than the tape that featured Kim Kardashian and Ray J.

‘Kendra Exposed’ profit

“Kendra Exposed,” on torrent and for legal download, has earned Vivid Entertainment quite a bit of money already. The lawsuit about the tape was settled, and Kendra will receive an online personal loan from the tape — to the tune of $680,000 plus commission. Commission is where “Kendra Exposed” will truly become a money machine for Vivid and Kendra — some estimates say that she will make somewhere around $7.5 million. That’s quite a bit of money for the “Kendra Exposed” sex tape she made with her ex-boyfriend almost a decade ago. There are also rumors that there are additional sex tapes, and “Kendra Exposed” will be followed with sequels.

Hank Baskett’s reaction to Kendra Exposed Torrent

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett III have been married for about a year. Reportedly, Hank’s family has said they will “always stand by Hank and Kendra.” Kendra apparently had informed Hank about the possibility of this video before they were married, and it has not “adversely affected” their young marriage. After marrying a former resident of the Playboy Mansion and girlfriend of Hugh Hefner , I don’t think Hank could argue he didn’t know something like this could happen.



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