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There have been rumors circulating around the world wide web that Charice will be joining the cast of Glee next season.

This is just a RUMOR. In fact, the unreliable (as always) has just replaced their story with a different one. The original link is:

This link still exists but if you copy/paste it on your address bar, you will simply get a story about "Nitro PDF Reader out to blow away Adobe".

According to, it was Charice's Filipino manager named
Grace Mendoza who gave the (incorrect) information. Charice's manager spreading a rumor?!? Now, that's funny. Opra and David should fire her very very soon!

Three hours ago, as of this wring, Charice twitted (sic) "
thas really funny. i didn't know about the Glee. hahaha. until i saw Perez's blog. this is really confusing. I just want to let you all know, that it's not true that i'm going to be on Glee... How i wish! haha."

There you go, Charice is NOT joining the cast of Glee!

UPDATE: Charice's mom just twitted saying "
from mommy > FYI- The rumors that Charice appears on GLEE show is not true, i talked to MS Grace Mendoza Charice handler, she had no idea."

So perhaps it was just the people behind the unreliable, a tabloid in the Philippines, who were making up these stories?


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