Michael Carandang on The Bottom Line

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Michael Carandang, the Filipino producer of The Gerry Springer show, The Tyra Banks show and America's Next Top Model, was Boy Abunda's guest on the January 7 episode of ABS-CBN's The Bottom Line.

Michael shared stories when he and his family moved to the United States; he was only 13. He said, the people would usually laugh when he speaks English, "I use to mispronounce words a lot and they find it funny, they'd invite me to join them because they think I'm funny".

What made him very successful? He answered, "because I'm a Filipino!" 
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Asked how he made it big in the industry, he said he was just "himself". He also advised everyone to "be yourself" when you want to achieve your goals. He is very proud of his roots and he speaks Tagalog very clearly without the twang.

As a challenge producer of America's Next Top Model, he has brought some Filipino talents in to the show - fashion designers Oliver Tolentino and Michael Cinco, the clothing line Bench and model/stylist Georgina Wilson. When Boy asked him who among the Filipina models (from the past and present) has the potential to be a contestant of America's Next Top Model, Michael quickly answered "Melanie Marquez"!


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