Pinay Scandal

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Sex scandal. Sex video scandal.
Pinoys are so into scandals. Almost all pirated porn DVD's I see contain the word "scandal" on the cover. It contains what they claim to be a Cebu scandal, Baguio scandal, Dumaguete scandal, Laguna scandal, Manila scandal, Quezon city scandal, call center scandal, university scandal, etc. etc. Why are we so loving these scandals?!?

I know one website,, use to be the haven of these video scandals. They've closed the site since the Hyden Kho sex video scandals. I wonder who the owner of the site was? If you try to check the site now, it contains nothing but a blank, black page.

According to Google Trends, the keywords PINAY SCANDAL is one of the most searched keywords of web surfing Filipinos and foreigners. And when you search PINAY on google, it’ll give you tons of links about SEXY, EXOTIC, HOT, MAIL ORDER BRIDES. You know how this affect the Filipinas all over the world? So, this is my own little contribution to Marhgil Macuha’s SEO Pinay Scandal Experiment. There are no prices at stake but if join the club, you’ll get tremendous traffic.


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