Georgina Wilson, to appear in America's Next Top Model

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Being a Bench model (Bench will be featured in an episode of ANTM), Georgina Wilson will also appear as a guest model and stylist on the show. The shooting was done in Greece with the models wearing Bench underwear.
Source? Georgina's Twitter account @. Here are her tweets:

"SO EXCITED to announce something that I've been keeping for so long now! I will be in this season of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!!!! season 17!"

"It makes me so proud to represent the Philippines in a show that I love. I went with Bench who was the clothing sponsor for semi finals of the current season of ANTM (the all star season). We shot it in Greece and I cant wait for it to come out! Airing 9th in US!"

"No, I didn't join as one of the models - I joined as a guest model/stylist. I told the girls what to do for their semi finals challenge! :)"

Stay tuned for the next episode if you want to see Georgina Wilson!

UPDATE: The episode where Georgina Wilson made an appearance has been aired. Watch it here:


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