Twitter War: DJ Mo VS Ogie Diaz

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Yes, DJ Mo and Ogie Diaz are lashing each other again. This time in Twitter! It started when DJ Mo tweeted this:

someone tweeted me saying don't argue with @ogiediaz because @ogiediaz is @ogiediaz. (laughing while swallowing a bit of my own vomit)...

...and my dog is my dog, who licks his own testicles for satisfaction and hygiene. What is the relevance? Nothing. Rather, a nobody.
To which Ogie Diaz replied:

Kaya mong mag-move on, ayaw mo lang. Kasi nga, sa taas ng tingin mo sa sarili mo, ndi mo matanggap na ikaw ang iniwan.

Kala mo lahat ng tao, kaya mo. Na kung minsan, tumitiklop pa sa takot sa yo. Pero isa lang pala magpapaluha sa yo. Yung taong mahal mo.

For sure, we'll get to see these two bring this fight back to national TV!


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