Mark Herras Scandal: Nude on Webcam Photo

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Show. This is what Mark Herras allegedly did while chatting with another guy online. If you are a certified netizen and has been chatting for quite awhile, you know what "show" means. This nude picture of Mark Herras has been circulating in different websites.

To view this nude webcam shot of (alleged) Mark Herras, CLICK HERE. (WARNING: If you are less than 18 years old, a report will be sent to the police, your school, and your parents if you click this link).

The guy in the first photo does look like Mark Herras. His face is not shown in the second picture, but notice that the almost hidden shirt that he's wearing is the same as the one worn by the guy above. The background too, is the same.

Do you think this is the real Mark Herras?

Update: Photos of Mark Herras wearing the same shirt...


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