Senator Sotto's Plagiarized RH-Bill Speech

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MANILA, Philippines - The chief of staff of Sen Vicente "Tito" Sotto III finally admitted that parts of his speech against the RH bill on Wednesday, August 15, were copied from a blog by a foreign author who calls herself the “Healthy Home Economist.”
Lawyer Hector A. Villacorta, Sotto's chief of staff, wrote Sarah Pope a response in the comments section of her blog in which he said: "I understand you felt slighted that your blog was not attributed to you which became part of the speech of the senator."
"Let me say that after asking my staff, indeed your blog was used but only in quoting also from the same book of Dr. Campbell-Mcbride."
Villacorta admitted the plagiarism hours after Sotto denied it. Pope then went online to say that the senator indeed copied parts of her blog.
In a text message to Rappler, Villacorta admitted that the message on Pope's website and Facebook page indeed came from him.
"[It was a message] saying that my staff sourced it there. Semi-apology if she wanted to be credited. Our research for the past 5 months used the Internet also. It was a technical medical paragraph difficult to paraphrase."
Villacorta admitted that the speech used information from Pope's blog. "It was a quotation from a book and we said so." - Source:

CLICK HERE for the word for word comparison of Sen. Sotto's speech and Sarah's blog post.

A screenshot of Sarah Pope's message in her blog.


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