X Factor Philippines Top 20!

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From the X Factor Philippines Boot Camp will emerge this year's top 20 finalists. There were 172 contestants who made it through the regional auditions. They were trimmed down to 68 after their first challenge. Tomorrow, 5 Girls, 5 Boys, 5 Over 25s and 5 Groups will be chosen. Will your favorites make it?
A group of contestants from the top 20 will be staying in this place, a home to one of the judges. Who could she/he be? (photo credit)

UPDATE: The Official Top 20 list:

1. Anton Paulo AtenorCruz
2. Jeric Medina
3. Michael Pangilinan
4.Gabriel Anciano Maturan
5. Kedebon

OVER 25s
1. Mark Mabasa
2. Cristine Ledesma
3. Joan Da
4. Paulo Castro
5. Modesto Taran

1. KZ Tandingan
2. Allen Jane Sta. Maria
3. Jerriann Templo
4. Angelica Prado
5. Abigail Mendoza

1. Takeoff
2. Swift Bliss
3. 5th Avids
4. Daddy's Home
5. Lucky Girls (individual contestants selected by the judges to compose this group: Alyssa Quijano, Auriette Divina, Monique Lualhati, Katrina Velarde, Jhelsea Maine Flores, Ashley Campbell)

Did your favorites make it? What do you feel about the judge's choices? 


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