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Janelle Manahan was interviewed by Boy Abunda, Saturday night, on The Bottom Line. Here's an excerpt of the interview:

About the sex video. According to Janelle, the video was taken in 2007. The couple decided to delete it when the Hayden Kho scandal came out. She is positive that all copies were destroyed. She admitted that there are more videos and she hopes that those will not come out anymore because according to her, it has nothing to do with the case.

Janelle believes that the video which was uploaded online was recovered from the laptop where it was originally saved. Althought they already deleted it, a recovery software may have been used to retrieve the file.

She allowed the video to be taken because she loved Ramgen and was completely ok with it. Boy asked if they were on drugs at that time, she quickly answered, "no".

Her family was very supportive all throughout. They never left her side.

Was she a battered girlfriend? "At some point", she replied. But she's convinced that Ramgen has changed.

She said she will continue fighting and seek justice for Ramgen. Her message to the public? "Respect. Let's not focus on the video". She expressed her belief that it was Ramgen's family who uploaded the video because they're the one who's in possession of the laptop.

Will she seek help from Sen. Bong Revilla? Yes, and she's postive that he will help.

Janelle said she doesn't know who shot her and killed Ramgen but she know the people behind it.
On Twitter, people admired Janelle for being so strong. Her answers were direct to the point, sincere and honest. The interview was a hot topic:

 I don't know where she gets her courage and strength after what had happened. she's a woman with no lies and regrets.

 This is the first time I watched The Bottomline because of :-) She's so honest and she's true ♡

 Hands down kay Janelle Manahan. Tapang nya. Galing. Girl power! \m/

 I like 's courage. Like what she said, don't watch the video coz it will not make you a better person.

 Janelle Manahan us indeed a strong woman. Hope she'll really find the justice she deserves.

 Janelle Manahan is simply a strong woman in the midst of all the havoc in her life. And oh she did it all for love.

 Janelle Manahan, you are such an inspiration. I adore you for that! *aside from being beautiful :) 

 I liked Janelle Manahan's answers in her interview at the bottomline.. Very sincere..

 Ang ganda ng interview ni Janelle Manahan sa . Ang tapang at positive ung outlook. I'm inspired.

 Janelle Manahan is trully a strong woman:)

 Grabe define puno ng lakas ng loob si  na talaga kakabilib sya 

 Strong, intelligent, and confident woman are but some adjectives that best describes Janelle Manahan. I admire her.

 You're a very strong woman, . God bless & Always be positive † "I AM BEAUTIFUL"!! ♥

 liked Janelle Manahan's answers in her interview at the bottomline...very sincere..
 "Its not am I beautiful its I am beautiful" - Janelle Manahan

 Grabe!! Girl Power to Janelle Manahan. No doubt she is indeed very bless gyud. Not only with beauty and brains but also with strength!

 The Bottomline's episode tonight is just great!! Thumbs up for, super galing nya sumagot. ☺ Inspiring episode♡ 


TerryI said...

sincere din ang dating niya sa akin. hanga ako sa tapang niya

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