Miss Earth 2011 Winner

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Miss Ecuador, Olga Alava, was crowned Miss Earth 2011 during the finals night, Saturday, December 3rd., at the UP Theater in Quezon City, Philippines. The runner ups are the stunners Miss Brazil (Miss Air) and Miss Venezuela (Miss Fire).
Winners all (from L to R), Miss Ecuador, Miss Brazil and Miss Venezuela

The top 7 was composed of Miss Crimea, Miss Ecuador, Miss Mexico, Miss Venezuela, Miss Zimbabwe, Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina and Miss Brazil.

The official top 15 are:

1. Ukraine
2. Paraguay
3. Japan
4. Portugal
5. Sweden
6. Brazil
7. Venezuela
8. Chinese Taipei
9. Crimea
10. Zimbabwe
11. Thailand
12. Slovenia
13. Mexico
14. Bosnia and Herzegovina
15. Ecuador

Not to disappoint the Filipino audience, Miss Philippines was also given special semi-final slots making the finalists count increase to 16 and 8 and she was even given a Miss Water award. The result was a delight to the crowd of Pinoys. But for the international viewers, they thought the pageant was rigged and the credibility of Miss Earth went down once again.

Some of the favorites and considered more deserving delegates who were not given a slot are Miss India, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Colombia, to name a few. Their non-inclusion came as a big disappointment to many of the fans following the pageant. And the Pinoy judges giving extra points for Miss Philippines made it even worse.

On a lighter note, everyone is happy for Miss Ecuador's win. Miss Brazil and Miss Venezuela are equally deserving. Aside from the obvious favoritism towards the organizer's bet (Miss Philippines), the show generally went well.


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