Anne Curtis photo inside the MRT

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Ok. For those who are looking, this is Anne Curtis' picture taken while inside the MRT last Tuesday. She just arrived from Australia, and had to go directly to the Araneta Coliseum to watch Kylie Minogue's concert. Due to the heavy traffic in EDSA, Anne had no choice but to take the MRT. And looks like she had fun! Here are some of her Tweets that day:
  1. I can see the traffic on Edsa from here! I made the right decision! :)
  2. I like the fact that there's a ladies and men's section! Thumbs up!
  3. Don't worry guys! I'm with my angel Maryann! And mababait lahat ng girls! D magulo! Picture picture taking lang at chikahan!
  4. I'm in the girls area! They're all nice! Swerte daw ako at hindi masyado siksikan! :)
  5. Hulaan nyo Kung nasaan ako para makahabol kay #Kylie? :p
  6. Just landed!!! I'm so late for Kylie!!! Should I dress up at take the MRT?!!!


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