This hour on Twitter: Bruno Earth and PGTGrandFinals are Trending Worldwide

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A few minutes after Ai-Ai declared Buildex Pagales as Bruno Earth (following the latter's performance at Pilipinas Got Talent grand finals), "Bruno Earth" started to trend on Twitter. Look:

 This screen shot was taken Saturday, 11:15PM, Manila time.

It's trending not just in the Philippines, but WORLDWIDE. Obviously, foreigners who have seen the tweets from thousands of Pinoys, got curious.  Thus "Bruno Earth" quickly made it to the Top 5 of trending topics on Twitter, just a few minutes after Buildex's performance. PGTgrandfinals, on the other hand made it to the Top 3. With thousands of excited Tweeting Pinoys, they're both expected to stay there for the next few hours.

Could this be a sign that Buildex Pagales, the Bruno Mars of the Philippines, will be declared the grand champion tomorrow night?


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