Ethel Booba sinunog ang condo unit

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MANILA, Philippines – Sexy comedienne Ethel Booba [real name Ethyl Gabison] allegedly tried to burn her rented condominium unit in Quezon City early morning of March 11.

According to a DZBB report, Gabison was found by barangay watchman Serafin Andres, looking forlorn and disheveled just outside the door of her unit at the 8th floor of Prince June condominium on Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

She didn’t respond when spoken to.

"Parang lasing…o kung ano. Binabantayan nga namin kasi parang tulala, ayaw magsalita,” Andres said.

Initial investigation show a lamp shade, curtains and portion of a wall of the unit bear burn marks.

Andres said the building’s automatic water sprinkler system halted further damage to the unit. He added that there were signs of commotion inside the unit as indicated by broken shards of glass strewn on the floor. Seen in a nearby mirror is a hastily scrawled “F**K YOU.”

Police investigating the case revealed that the 32-year old has been renting the unit with a male companion for about a month now. It is yet unverified if the male companion caused Gabison's meltdown.Gabison supposedly discovered something about the person, identified as Marius Miria (or Mario Murize?), a Romanian with whom she has been living with for a year, that allegedly pushed her to the brink.

Depending on results of the investigation, Gabison could face arson charges for the incident, police said.

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