Bianca 'hater' threatens to upload damaging dirt

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MANILA, Philippines – A Twitter user has threatened to post a video that it alleges will put an end to Gonzales’ showbiz career.

“hahaha! whatever! fyi, malapit na matapos ang career ni @iamsuperbianca with the video we are soon to upload,” the user who goes by the account name @Kristina_PJ posted on March 5.

Prior to the “upcoming” video, said user also posted on Saturday a photo and addressed it to PBA cager JC Intal, whom Gonzales have admitted to be dating.

“@jcintal Isn't @iamsuperbianca a certified...on this pic,” it said, adding the link to the photo that showed a girl who looks like Gonzales in a revealing outfit and doing a sexy pose for the camera.

The account, apparently put up only to post derogatory tweets about the “Showbiz News Ngayon” co-host based on the site’s 120+ tweets, has been up since 2009. However, it only began posting said tweets on December last year.

The hatred, as @Kristina_PJ admitted in a couple of tweets, takes it roots from what it says something Gonzales did towards it when they were still classmates at the De La Salle Santiago Zobel School.

“@iamsuperbianca it seems you have forgotten what you did to me way back in highschool at Zobel. now its my turn,” @Kristina_PJ posted on January.

Either it then went to the same university as Gonzales or an inconsistency altogether, but @Kristina_PJ also maintained in many tweets that the model-actress has a purported “wild side” in college contrary to her wholesome image and was “the reason why my friend committed suicide back then.”

"i got to know the real Bianca Gonzalez when I am still working at ABS so I have the right to bash that..." it also said on January.

@Kristina_PJ also teams up with other “haters” and brazenly involves other showbiz and non-showbiz personalities close to Gonzales, including her family, and seemingly urges them to join in bashing her by putting up malicious tweets addressed to them.

While others just ignored these, some defended Gonzales including the world-renowned thespian herself, Lea Salonga.

“Bianca is a friend of mine and a class act all the way. If she was like that in college, maybe she's grown up since. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt,” Salonga replied on March 1.

Also on Tuesday, @Kristina_PJ claimed that Gonzales sent her a message on Twitter, but did not elaborate on what it was about.

“so @iamsuperbianca sent me a DM. guilty talaga ang bruha!” it said.

Meanwhile, on her Twitter page, Gonzales opted to ignore her haters and replied to her friends and followers, thanking them for informing her about the haters in general’s tweets against her.

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